When will Reliance Jio launch the JioMeet app?

At the moment, if there’s one thing the nation probably wants to know, it’s this: When will Reliance Jio launch the JioMeet app? Be it on various Internet forums or social media websites, everybody (myself included) wants to know the same thing. Ever since Reliance Jio announced its plans to enter India’s not-so-crowded video-conferencing space, I wasn’t surprised since folks over at Jio know exactly what, when, and how to deliver.

JioMeet launch date, confirmed features and everything else you need to know

Where there’s a demand, there’s a supply and the demand for video-conferencing apps continues to increase these days, courtesy of work-from-home transition in large numbers. So, Jio’s timing couldn’t be any better. But the question remains unanswered…

When will the Jio Meet app be launched in India?

From what it looks like, the JioMeet app should arrive in India pretty soon. The app is ready to rock and roll since it was briefly available to download on the Play Store, as we mentioned in our video, podcast, and earlier story. The most recent version of the JioMeet app briefly became available on Google Play Store on April 27 (according to the APKPure listing), three days before Jio’s official announcement while announcing the company’s quarterly earnings.

According to the JioMeet app update history, the initial test version of the app was released on January 3, 2019. It seems like the JioMeet app has been in development for more than a year. Well, chances are that Jio may be putting together the remaining pieces of the puzzle and testing the stability and performance of the JioMeet app.

Meanwhile, The Next Crunch will continue to track the development around the JioMeet app launch.

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