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Google’s new data maker tool helps journos make GIF visuals

Search giant Google is aiming to simplify data visualisation. As a result, it just introduced a new data GIF maker tool in the company’s existing “Trends” tool.

Google believes data visualisation has paramount importance in journalism wherein the information needs to be reported in a less complex way.

At times a lot of factual information i.e. researched, numerical data, etc. is conveyed as such that it becomes difficult for the audience to comprehend, and one of the primary reasons is a lack of data visualisation.

As a result, Google has a new tool to create Data GIFs, making it easier for journalists or anyone for that matter to broadcast the information in much more subtle and visually appealing ways.

How Google data GIF maker works

First, you need to visit Google Trends Explore–a tool that helps users explore search interest by time, location and popularity.

Whenever users require comparing two search terms, all they need to do is add them and wait for the result.

In this case, however, the tool will output an average number of search interest over time for each term.

Once done, you need to input those two numbers in GIF maker as shown in the picture below.

You can choose colours and explanatory text. You are almost done. Finally, hit “Launch Comparisons” and “Download as GIF.”

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