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FCC has begun the process to rollback Net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission has begun the procedure to rollback Net neutrality.

The FCC voted two-to-one on a proposition to start rolling back the rules set up in 2015 when the Democrats had control.

Net Neutrality has the rule that all movement on the Internet ought to be dealt with equality.

Those in support contend that the rules are required so big companies like Verizon or Comcast can’t charge more for faster connectivity.

Opponents believe these principles smother advancement and interest in the foundation.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai illustrated his plan to roll back the Title-2 order in April this year.

Net Neutrality is such an important issue at the point that even television personalities like John Oliver have jumped into it.

Oliver’s section on LastWeekTonight urged viewers to send in remarks to the FCC in support of the guidelines.
The show even made a website to make the procedure simpler.

Not long after the FCC website crashed, however, that was faulted for a surge of bots sending false remarks, not on that site.

The FCC will hold the last vote later in the year, and it’s tolerating open contribution on the issue until August, yet it’s practically sure that the vote will pass as the Republicans hold the lion’s share on the Commission.

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